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Sandager Advisors LLC represents a new vision of wealth

Sandager Advisors LLC was designed around an emerging new “Wealth Code” among the affluent – the intrinsic set of values and beliefs wealthy people have about money.

The “New Wealth Code”

Sandager Advisors LLC has identified a set of six universal principles that define the way today's affluent families view both their wealth and the people who advise them:

Old Wealth Code
  1. True wealth is being rich
  2. Money is its own reward
  3. Be an expert in your financial field
  4. Deliver great products
  5. Offer great service
  6. Give me a great deal
Success Measure: ROI (Return on Investment—Market Driven)
New Wealth Code
  1. True wealth is well-being
  2. Money helps to realize a rewarding life
  3. Become the expert on my life goals
  4. Align my wealth with my life changes
  5. Help me solve my life problems
  6. Create value with me
Success Measure: ROL (Return on Life—Goal Driven)
The new wealth code is not being satisfied by the traditional advisory approaches. Recent studies among the affluent show that clients believe they have more complex needs than their advisors are capable of handling. In one survey of high-net worth individuals, only 59 percent said they were pleased with their advisor’s performance — a sharp decrease from 79 percent just two years prior.† Another study showed that while nearly half of wealthy clients stated they were considering switching advisors, 31 percent of that group hadn’t switched because of a lack of viable alternatives.‡

Client Advice and Breadth of Expertise

 • Sandager Advisor clients expect us to guide and recommend, not simply transact. This expectation demands the kind of commitment that traditional financial advisors do not accommodate.

 • Today, the type of client that Sandager Advisors serve is 26 percent more likely than in 2000 to equate financial success and security with an obligation to charitable giving.

 • Sandager Advisors represents a viable alternative for clients considering switching away from their current traditional-minded financial advisor to one focused on their goals and personal fulfillment.

 • Some 15 percent of Sandager Advisor clients are Boomers who plan to continue work or start a second business after retirement.

†Note: “Wealthy Clients Growing Disenchanted with Advisors,” Spectrem Group.
‡Note: “Wealth Management at a Crossroads,” PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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