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Month in Africa gives councilman new perspective (PDF)
A Des Moines Register article by Jim Sandager; Special to the Register
“WDM's Jim Sandager took his wife and two children on a journey that included wildlife, worship, illness and education.” Click here to read more (PDF).

A Matter of Trust, Wealth Managers compete for business in Central Iowa (PDF)
A Des Moines Business Record article by Jim Gardyasz
“Jim Sandager, a fee-only investment advisor based in West Des Moines, says he's had more people with a net worth of at least $10 million step through his firm's door in the past two years than in its previous seven-year history.” Click here to read more (PDF).

Des Moines financial planner named one of the nation's best (PDF)
Des Moines Business Record cover story by Michael Lovell
“Financial planning isn't just about goal planning,” Jim Sandager said, “Financial goals change through life, but life's goals don't change. We're trying to enrich people's lives.”
Click here to read more (PDF).

Jim Sandager Top Financial Advisor for the Midwest “Who can I trust now?” 100 Top Advisors, Coast–to–Coast (PDF)
Mutual Funds magazine cover story by Tracie Longo, et al.
“Not Many 21-year olds with just $50 a month to invest turn to a planner, but Jim Sandager did. With rising income and a planner's help, by his early thirties he had saved enough to quit his job trading commodities and take time to reassess his goals. Sandager was looking for a career “that allowed me to build relationships.” He found it by becoming a planner himself. “My first goal isn't to enrich people financially,” says Sandager, 42. “It's to enrich their lives.” So he advised one client to quit a high-paying but unfulfilling job, and has helped others give money to charities instead of taxes. Says, Sandager: “I'm helping people, and that makes me feel better than I ever felt trading.”
Click here to read more (PDF).

Des Moines Symphony Sandager's passion Symphony Sandager's passion (PDF)
A Des Moines Business Record article by Jim Gardyasz
“Whenever Jim Sandager visits his parents at the Central Minnesota farm where he grew up, he sees the nursing home is father chaired as a volunteer for 20 years. … That spirit of community service has remained with Sandager. As president of the board of the Des Moines Symphony Association, he's now leading a $10 million fund raising effort.” Click here to read more (PDF).

More News Notes

A 60-second look at Jim Sandager (PDF) Des Moines Business Record

Sandager wins council at–large seat (PDF) Des Moines Register, Denise O'Brien Van

New West Des Moines council member holds listening posts (PDF) Des Moines Register

Celebrate symphony success (PDF) Des Moines Register Editorial

West Des Moines City Council

For more information about Jim Sandager's role as a member of the West Des Moines city council, please visit his campaign website.

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