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cordially invites you to attend
our Grand Opening and Open House



Monday, May 8, 2006
Open House: 4:30 pm-6:30 pm
Ribbon Cutting: 5:00 pm
6601 Westown Parkway,
    Suite 200
West Des Moines, Iowa
Drinks Hors d'oeuvres
Phone: (515) 222-0600
Fax: (515) 222-0602
E-mail: Mary Jo
Mary Jo (MJ)
[email protected]

Financial Planning for the ‘New Wealth Code’

Sandager Advisors LLC recognizes life-centric advice as one of the primary new demands of the growing wealth marketplace. In fact, Sandager Advisors LLC was designed around an emerging new “Wealth Code” among the affluent the intrinsic set of values and beliefs wealthy people have about money.

Drawing on an extensive examination of generational trends and proprietary research† of the affluent and their advisors, weve uncovered a set of universal principles that define the way todays affluent

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Return on Life, not Return on Investment

The “New Wealth Code” means measuring success, not as market-driven ROI (Return on Investment), but as a goal-driven ROL (Return on Life). Our life-centric advice is about your values: True wealth is well-being. Money helps to realize a rewarding life. Becoming an expert on your life goals. Aligning wealth with life changes. Solving life problems. And more.

Sandager Advisors LLC is about finding a new way of managing, growing and looking at your financial picture based upon your individual and family life goals and avoiding a pre-defined set of products and services.

†Note: Research conducted by SEI Investments, Oaks, PA
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6601 Westown Parkway, Suite 200
West Des Moines, Iowa
Tel 515.222.0600
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